The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition
Hollow Earth, hollow earth theory, and the inner earth expedition.

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Target launch date is AUGUST 2013. We have finally found our benefactor. A world-class documentary corporation has pledged the funding to launch the Expedition. It is slated for FY 2013. Wea re beginning the process of placing the charter deposit and will make a global announcement when that milestone is complete. Thank you all for your support and for the great enthusiasm across the world.

The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition!! We are about to undertake the greatest geological expedition in the history of the world.  By Sea!  Global Warming is not a myth.  This is the first and only chance we will ever have to see this region of the sea floor, and possible much more.  Did you now that there is a very ancient theory that Earth may be hollow.? Or at least may have large voids inside the planet?  In fact, the current evidence does not refute the hypothesis that all planets may form as hollow spheres.  We want to find out more, so we are undertaking a sea voyage to the place to which all the evidence points may lie the answers.  We are dedicated to producing filmed documentaries by exploring many areas of the Earth, including the North Pole region, for evidences that may provide hertofore unknowable evidence on planetary core geology.  This team will travel by sea aboard the only ship on Earth capable of reaching a specific location near the North Pole.  The voyage will be difficult.  The chances of success are slim. There is a high risk of illness and possibly injury during our 15-day proposed expedition.  If you are up to the challenge, or believe in the possibility, no matter how narrow, then please find a way to support us. 

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The science is real. The story is more than 5,000 years old. All the planets in the solar system are warming, but with enough public awareness, there may be something we can do to stop the Earth from cycling into an ice age.  We may be able to halt the destruction of thousands of species of life every year.  The discovery of anything that significantly changes the concept of the current structure of the Earth, or reveals the presence of life, other than our currently accepted civilization, makes this the greatest expedition in the history of the world.

We have come the end of all known data about the structure of the Earth, and yet the theory that planets form as hollow spheres persists. In early 2006, the world scientific community declared that Pluto was not a planet because it failed to form as a solid ball.  In 2008, researchers found that there is an Inner Core with a different Iron Crystalline Structure.

2007 First Prize Winner in the "Genes of Galileo" Award from Nippon Television Network; Japan's most popular television broadcast 5 years in a row!

The Polar Route for the NPIEE
We will be examining sea life in the Arctic region.  There have been some very strange sea animals coming to the surface including new sharks, rays, and seagulls.  These have not been seen for millions of years...alive.  Where do they come from?  Why do they go North during winter?  Due to Global Warming, this area of planet Earth is now accessible by sea usng the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet.

Global Warming is now undeniable.  Is there enough humans can do to keep the Earth from becoming warm enough to trigger global destruction?  APEx is the for-profit company leading a good-faith effort sea-based scientific expedition to the North Pole to test the hypothesis. Phoenix Science Foundation is a Non-Profit corporation with pending 501(c)(3) status. 

New creatures are being observed in the sea.  Where do they come from?  Possibly, they come from another ocean; one below the crust.  Numerous universities have published results that indicate our ocean may be blending with another one beneath the crust.  The Aurora Borealis appears over both poles at the same time.  Impossible if it is caused from the solar wind.  Very plausible if caused by an ion stream coming from the core of the planet.  Besides the precision measurements and samples gathered by state-of-the-art instruments, we will be prepared to test the idea that inside a possible void in the Earth may exist life and an entire ecosystem waiting to be introduced to those of us who live on the surface. In other words, we will be scientifically prepared to catalog any type of life originating from inside the planet.

The nuclear-powered Yamal is the world's only ship that can reach the upper Arctic CircleThe nuclear-powered Yamal has 75000 horsepower

Once we depart from the dock aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker, there is no turning back.  There is no resupply ship.  There is no rescue ship.  We get one chance to be prepared to capture all the data in one 15-day excursion by sea to a place never seen before by human eyes.  We intend to film everything possible. You will be there with us; live on the deck and at every discovery via satellite uplinked video that will be available right here on this website.    Come on. Join us. Let's go see. We can't go to Mars or to the Moon, but we can go to the North Pole.

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The North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE) is for entertainment purposes only. We reserve the right to direct investments and donations to any legitimate purpose pursuant to the exploration of the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth.  If you want to keep up with the project and hear from the best sources on Earth, listen to X-Squared Radio.